Global Matrix IV

Global Matrix IV International Printmaking Exhibition

vom 9. Jan. – 18. Feb. 2017
in der Robert L. Ringel Gallery, Stewart Center und der Fountain Gallery, Lafayette

Danach wird die Ausstellung bis 2018 an unterschiedlichen Orten der USA gezeigt.
Die nächsten Ausstellungsorte sind:

Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio und die Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Von über 245 Bewerbungen aus aller Welt wurden 96 Arbeiten von 73 Künstleren aus 15 Ländern für diese Ausstellung juriert.
Ich bin mit zwei meiner größeren Siebdruckarbeiten dort vertreten !

The fourth contemporary review of fine art printmaking in all media from around the world, presented as a traveling exhibition by the Purdue University Galleries. From its humble origins as simple relief rubbings or patterns stamped onto paper and cloth, the art of the print has spread to all corners of the globe, growing and developing conceptually as a result of the contributions of an ever-growing circle of international artists. This year’s exhibit will present a total of 96 images by 73 artists – from a total of 245 submissions.

“This one is a really large exhibition in that it encompasses both our galleries. It’s kind of interesting that we have one exhibition, but there are so many pieces that it’s actually in two different galleries (that are) across the river from each other,” said Craig Martin, director of Purdue University Galleries. “Hopefully it will connect people (and) will have people intrigued by one space and go to the other.”

Zur Ausstellung erscheint ein umfangreicher Katalog.

XVII Międzynarodowego Biennale Krajobrazu “Definicja Przestrzeni / Space Definition 2016”

The Art Exhibition Bureau in Kielce (BWA Kielce) and Polish Art Photographers Union – Świętokrzyskie Branch invited photographers from all over the world to take part in the photo competition SPACE DEFINITION.
SPACE DEFINITION – photos touching various spaces: classic landscape and nature, space where people are living: urban, industrial and also private, individual space.

Zaproszenie awers SPACE DEFINITION Kielce 2016_

In this competition took part 188 artists with 705 photos and 5 video. The jury accepted only 93 photos and 3 video from 72 artists.

The jury selected two of my works:


Slonne Landscape

16 slonne landscape

Slonnne at night, Mixed Media on canva, 50×50 cm, 2016

Slonne is a small village near the river Sun and near the city Przemysl in Poland. Since year I spend there in summer two weeks for a art symposium / plenair organized by BWA Przemysl.

Paintings 2016